The classes

Learn English and dance at the same time!

All classes are carefully planned according to the children’s stage of development.


Being taught in English gives the students the possibility of increasing their learning experience. Ms. Gigi has got a TEFL qualification and has experience teaching English as a foreign language.


Each lesson has an individual theme that can be further developed at home with parental involvement (For example: Going to the zoo, The forest, Seasons of the year, Colours and shapes, et cetera).


We are working in partnership with, a resource pack developed in the UK that provides specific music, visual aids and class plans for the younger learners: “Little magic train engages children so they are actively involved in the learning process whilst having fun. The sessions are developed by allowing repetition for learning followed by creating the excitement of “what next?”

Mummy and me: (or daddy or guardian!)

18+ months

This class is designed for toddlers who love music and dance but are not yet ready to go to a dance lesson on their own. The parent’s role is to assist, guide, encourage and help their children to follow the class and the teacher’s instructions.

We do circle time as part of the warm-up singing songs and learning about things surrounding us.

This class is full of props, fun music and visual aids.


2.5+ years old


This level is for children who don’t require parental assistance to attend dancing lessons.

Ballet training is a great tool to support a strong cognitive and psychomotor development.

Following a story trial, these classes encourage children to develop their imagination and musicality, bringing them gently into the basics of ballet technique.

Pre-primary Ballet

4+ years old

Following a fortnight theme this class gently introduces the fundamental elements of ballet technique through simple exercises that will always be linked to concrete elements that children can understand (First position looks like a slice of pizza! Demi-plies are door opening).


Age is just a reference; each child will be placed in a class that suits his/her needs and stage of development.

MIBS also offers private coaching for vocational students, auditions, exams and competitions… and to anyone who loves of dance!


Ms Gigi has an extensive background working at some of the most prestigious ballet schools in London. She is committed to use that experience to tailor a specific class that will meet the needs and requirements of each student, whether in a single class or a term.


Parents are invited to the last class of the term to experience their children’s achievements.


We are willing to open new classes at different days, times and location, should there be a group of four or more children who would require special arrangements. We will be happy to receive suggestions to meet your circumstances!


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