The School

Minamiaoyama International Ballet School (MIBS) is committed to ensure that every child will benefit from the lessons, and will get a precious learning experience that will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives.


Children will learn ballet technique and also life skills that will prove pricelessly valuable in any activity they wish to pursue in the future.


Beyond the well-known physical benefits, ballet classes help children build self-esteem, experience team work, improve their confidence, and value discipline.


The focus of MIBS is to always encourage and celebrate everyone’s innate longing to dance.


Our duty:

  • Your child will enjoy his/her training at MIBS and will earn a set of skills to cherish for life.

  • Your child will be trained in a safe and nurturing environment by a highly qualified teacher.

  • Your child will be always encouraged to aim to the top of his/her possibilities.

  • Your child will be treated with respect and care. No bullying or any form of violence or discrimination is ever tolerated in our school.


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